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  • Full Automatic
  • Fork Mixer
  • Dough Divider
  • Primary Proofer
  • Dough Flattener
  • Final Proofer
  •    Tunnel Oven
  • Cooling Conveyor

  • Tunnel Oven


    This oven is the latest invention of the new technology. It is a developed unit that works on diesel or gas according to the demand. It si designed to achieve the suitable thermal distribution in order to produce the perfect bread. The oven bodyis cover by the best isolators keeping the desired temperatue, and that providesthe minimum fuel consuption. This unit is equipped with a particular burner fabricated (consumes about 16 liters of gas oil per hour). Moreover the external body of the oven is covered with stainless steel, which gives it an appropriate form. It is also equipped with an electric panel for more precision in the operation.

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